What does comparison of loan shows?


You cannot get a loan without Credit Bureau from a traditional bank. This is because they are very careful that the Credit Bureau only consists of positive entries and then only grant a loan. If you are looking for a loan with a negative Credit Bureau, the best way to find it is to look for a loan without Credit Bureau with a comparison. Because a comparison shows exactly the possibilities, shortens the search and delivers the desired loan quickly.

This is how you do the comparison

This is how you do the comparison

A loan without Credit Bureau in comparison is best done on the Internet. Since you will not get such a loan from traditional banks, it is always worthwhile to concentrate on the Internet when searching. So why not look there too.

Comparative computers are available for the search, which can be found on many websites that deal with this topic. For the loan without Credit Bureau in comparison, only a few key data about the loan are required. In addition to the desired loan amount, this also includes the possible installment amount and information on income and employment.

In addition, information about possible guarantors or the like can be requested. Once you have entered this data, the comparison calculator will show you some offers that match this data. From these offers you can choose the most suitable one and contact the appropriate donor.

As with any loan, the latter will request meaningful documentation on the information. Income must be proven as well as permanent employment. Only if everything fits here can you get a loan.

You should pay attention to this

You should pay attention to this

In the case of loans that are to be taken up despite a negative Credit Bureau, the interest is generally somewhat higher than that of conventional installment loans. In order for the loan to be fair and worthwhile in the end, you should make sure that the effective annual interest rate does not exceed 15%. The APR includes all interest and costs related to the loan. Therefore, you should only compare this and no other values, since they will not say anything about the real costs around the loan.


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